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If you wish to order an instrument I require:

1. An immediate downpayment of 10% of the agreed price.


2. A stage payment of 50% of the balance when I begin work on your harp.


3. The remainder on or before delivery or collection.


In cases where I agree a breakage is due to defective materials, or my craftsmanship, I will always do repairs free of charge.


For other breakages, whether caused by accidents, wear and tear, rough handling, carelessness, or use of stringing other than that specified by me, repairs must be at the owners expense.


I recommend that my instruments should always be insured against breakage.


Please note that even in cases where I admit liability, I cannot undertake to cover costs of transportation for repairs.


Please note: the left-hand rank can be extended up to g’’ as a special order.


Triple Harp String Plans:


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