Historical Harps for authentic peformance of Early Music



I'm Simon Capp and over the last 3 decades I have made historical harps for players in more than 20 countries.

All of the instruments you see on this website are    
hand-made by me in my workshop in South-West England.

I have instruments in the Guildhall School of Music and the Royal College of Music in London, and in the conservatoires of  Versailles, Lyon, Tours and The Hague.

You can hear my harps  on dozens of recordings made over the last 30 years.

Please scroll down to see what my customers have to say:


"I can’t recommend Simon Capp’s beautifully made and hard wearing instruments highly enough. I have two Large Italian Triple harps - both stunning instruments with a huge dynamic range. They have the capacity to cut through to the back of a large opera house yet have a sweetness of tone which can blend with any instrument. My Gothic Bray harp is equally stunning - both aurally and visually. The bray pins are made with real precision meaning the harp really does bray fantastically! A resonant and even sound from treble to bass. Simon really does go above and beyond to accommodate and help whenever possible and is unfailingly generous with his time and expertise."  

"I met Simon when I was 23, and he made for me my first triple harp...
Twenty years later, I'm still playing on his harps.
I have now three large triple harps, one small triple harp, and a gothic harp.
I never found in any other early harps the same warm and beautiful sound.
And these instruments are unbelievably reliable, and the tuning very stable.
As a teacher, I have always recommended Simon's harps for my students, and everyone is delighted with his instrument.
I have a total trust in his professionalism." 

“Simon has made me two Large Triple harps, a Small Triple Harp and a Gothic Harp.
I am constantly impressed by the soft, warm sound of his instruments which continually
develops the more I play.
They are very well suited to playing the ancient harp repertoire.
His craftsmanship is clear. The attention to detail is evident and I am proud to play these harps in concert every time!” 

"Simon Capp’s large Italianate triple harp is beautifully crafted, with a rich sound that carries superbly in the concert hall. Combine this artistry with Simon’s absolute professionalism, and I cannot imagine purchasing an historical instrument from anyone else."  

"I have a Medieval harp, a Gothic harp and three Triple harps of Simon, two large and one small, and I love them! For the sound, the stability of tuning and the solidity.
Each one has her own character.
I think that Simon is a true artist." 

"I have known Simon since 1997 when he made me a Large Italian Triple Harp. I have always been very happy with the instruments he has made me. My Large Triple Harp still sounds and plays wonderfully, and I am not the only one to say so!
I also have one of Simon's Small Italian Triple Harps, it is so easy to carry around when travelling a lot and is perfect for smaller students. Simon has always been very helpful and very professional and I warmly recommend his harps!

"I think your large triple is perfect for late 16th and 17th Italian music. The tone is unmatched by any other similar instrument built by the other makers of historical harps. I think I have heard most, if not all, of them. There are several very pretty sounding triples to choose from but in the end, if a harpist wants to do Italian music, yours is the triple harp to own and play."

"Thank you very much for all you have done! I really love my harp, the preciseness and the richness of its sound, and it looks so beautiful!"

"I just unpacked the harp--she's fantastic! The pictures don't do her justice. I love the tone, and I know it will get even better with time. Many, many thanks for such a magnificent work of art."

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